For over twenty-five years Lior Shachar has developed her unique brand 1220 ° ceramics, specializing in handmade design of ceramic tableware and kitchenware. Years of experience working with clay have evolved into an exceptional design language, combining aesthetic values with everyday functionality. Her creative vocabulary is based on juxtaposition of shapes, motifs, techniques, inspirations and influence from numerous sources.

Lior's studio is located in Jaffa, a Mediterranean port city and a source of great inspiration to her. The influence of the different cultures that passed through this place over its many years of history is evident everywhere and mostly found in the combination of modern architecture and archaeological remains of different periods. This colorful place offers a fusion of past and future, intense scents, textures and colors, all which are mixed together into Lior's ceramic craftsmanship.

Minimalist art and architecture have had a great influence on Lior's design language, well noted by the principle of allowing the material itself to become the subject of her investigation. Her designs highlight the properties of the raw material, having unfinished edges that create a somewhat rough look, yet a very sophisticated one. Simultaneously, guidelines of Scandinavian design are implemented in her works, where qualities such as slickness and smoothness offer a sense of precision and are inviting to touch, sense and use.