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Velvet Vase Set and Candle Holder

SKU: 1220C0048

490 NIS

Set of 2 Porcelain Vases and 1 Porcelain Candle holder with a moulded scented Candle. The Candleholder is made of thin Porcelain which lets the light reflect through it, scatter the light in the space. After the candle is finished you can reuse the holder for different candle types and votive candles. It can also be used as a small storage dish. Each item is treated separately and is made by hand in Jaffa, Israel.


Large Vase: Height 29cm (11.4") Diameter 6cm (2.4") | Medium Vase: Height 16cm (6.3") Diameter 8cm (3.1") | Candle: Height 9cm (3.5") Diameter 9cm (3.5") 


Handmade Item | Candle Fragrance - Green Tea (White) OR Woodland (Black) | Dishwasher oven and microwave safe | Lead-free


Color: Black

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